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Know the kind of friends you make

Bad friends

Sometimes we meet people we think are good and end up harming ourselves in the process. It’s not just in relationships where you feel you want to marry him/her but also in friendship. Some people are so kindhearted that no matter what harm someone gives them they always forgive them but its best if you put a distance between those who hurt you.

Let’s take this scenario; imagine you always think of helping a friend or always putting that friend in all the plans you make and later this does something you never like how would you feel terrible right?

Fake friends

Most often the people who betray you or do things to make you feel hurt were the ones you trusted the most. The only thing we can do is to know how to mingle with everyone because you might never know who will hurt in the end. They’ll pretend they love you but be worse than your enemies. It’s better to make hay whiles the sun shines or it might be too late. I learnt this the hard way.