Former HIV/AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah is elated after test results revealed that her daughter tested negative for HIV.

In her recent post, she talked about how parents in her neighborhood stopped their children from playing with her kids because of the HIV stigma.

According to Joyce, after the results came out negative, those parents are now  visiting with their children to congratulate and also allow their children to play with her kids.

 She stated ;

I have fought a good fight, I have fought a good fight. My daughter’s HIV results came out today negative from The university hospital Hamburg. UKE. I have always told you that i have no virus in me that can affect a child in my womb. I am harmless. I cannot infect any human being.
Now many mothers in Hamburg are calling me. They want to come close to us and play with my child.

I am crying right now because i know that if i die today, all my children will be free.

When the doctor said to me today that my daughter doesn’t have any traces of infection, come and see me jumping and shouting at the hospital. I poured powder on Bella

The doctor’s phone number is on the results with the hospital’s number UKE is a very big hospital in Germany

Oh mother nature you know that i only came on this earth to help humanity. You only know my heart that i have never infected any soul on this earth with any kind of disease.

God I know that you have prepared a resting place for me for my gentle soul.


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