Chopsticks are mainly used to scoop up noodles and to shovel rice from bowl to mouth, by holding the bowl close to the lips. They are mostly used in China and Japan, and among Chinese and Indo-Chinese communities in Southeast Asia.

Although Chinese and Japanese differ in shape and size, it is best to use bamboo chopsticks as compared to plastic and lacquered ones since they are slippery and their morsels tend to slide over them.

It is thought unlucky to bring sharp implements to the table in China. As a result, their chopsticks are blunt.
Also, you don’t pick up rice by the grain with chopsticks to convey to the mouth, because fallen grains symbolise bad luck.
Japanese chopsticks have a pointed end making it easy to pick up pieces of marinated fishes.

The basic steps in using a chopstick are listed below;

1. Rest the first chopstick between the base of your thumb and the tip of your third finger, near the top third of your chopstick.

2.It should remain stationery while the second chopstick moves up and down.

3.The second chopstick should rest above the first one.

4.Hold it between the base of your first finger and the tip of your second finger.

5.Use this finger and the tips of the other fingers to raise and lower the top chopstick to grasp food.

Source: latestghana.news

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