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Here Are The Meanings Of Different Types Of Kisses


Isn’t it crazy to think that the way you kiss someone is something only the two of you share?

A moment that is not felt by anyone else. It’s part of you, part of them, and kept a secret between each of your lips, never to be shared in the same way by someone else. Yet, when it comes to how people kiss, these different types are common around the world.

  1. Forehead kiss: A sweet, yet reassuring kiss. It shows that you will forever be there for your partner.
  2. Sandwich kiss: When you slowly grab their bottom lip. This is a peaceful kiss that lets you revel in the moment.
  3. Passionate French kiss: This is probably the most popular around the globe for indicating they want to be sensual and intimate. When you get kissed like this, be prepared for it to go to the next level.
  4. Royal Kiss: When your hand is taken in someone else’s and the back of the palm is kissed. This shows kindness and adoration.
  5. Nose kiss: Aka, ‘Eskimo kiss’ is one of the cutest kisses around. It shows adoration and playfulness among kids, couples, and parents.
  6. Belly button kiss: This kiss also tends to lead to more. When someone drops to their knees to kiss their partner’s belly button, they are essentially showing an assurance and perhaps needing some in return.
  7. Cheek kiss: A pretty common and simple way to greet the ones you care for and display your affection for them.
  8. Peck on the lips: This isn’t always a romantic kiss. Across the world, men may peck each other during festivities or friends may peck each other before being apart. Parents and children also share these kisses.
  9. cheek-to-cheek kiss: This is rubbing or touching of cheeks when embracing. It shows affection, brotherliness, or admiration.
  10. Eyelash kiss: This is shared when you are so close to someone your lashes brush their skin. If you are that close, your feelings are already obvious.
  11. Angel Kiss: A soft kiss on the eyelids. This is a sweet, loving and gentle kiss shared with those you care for deeply.
  12. Flying kiss: When you are blown a kiss. An adorable way to display affection.
  13. Teaser kiss: This is a sensual kiss in which you up the passion in the air. It is intimate and sensual leaving your partner wanting more.
  14. Love kiss: This is different among couples. Each couple has their own special way of kissing each other to display their feelings and appreciation.
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