“You smell so nice”, don’t we love it when we step out and we hear compliments like that.

On somedays, factors like sweat, and not using the right products can mess up your smell. Truth being told, having an odd smell while in the midst of people can be the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

Smelling good makes you a nice and attractive person. All you need are some tips and tricks and you are good to go.

Lets talk about 5 (five) ways you can smell good all day without having to sneak into a public washroom to spray on some perfumes or body mist.


  • Take a good shower: don’t just go into the the bathroom in the morning and rub soap on your body because you bathed last night. Take a good shower and wash down the lather.
  •  Wash your clothes every weekend: washing your clothes regularly helps remove sweat odor and smell from your clothes and buy a good detergent that smells good to keep your clothes smelling good all day. Don’t forget to add a fabric softener.
  • Find the right deodorant : men sweat a lot and need a strong deodorant made specifically for men while women need one that does the job. A lot of brands have deodorants on the market. Buy, try and find what’s best for you. Don’t forget to pick a fresh smelling one.

  • The right fragrance: the goal is to smell nice and fresh all day, not to give people a headache or sneeze from your fragrance. Here is a tip, you can try getting two nice smelling fragrances and mix them up.
  • Get a body mist: they are water based so applying them to your skin is not harmful. Finding one that lasts long is the right choice.
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