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The dangers of the cell phone: 10 rules to know to protect yourself.


The cell phone is essential for our daily life today. We do almost everything with our phones, especially smartphones. In this article, we will emphasize the precautions to be taken when using your mobile phones. We set out its protection rules in ten points (10).

First, when recharging your cell phone from the mains, avoid putting it on the bed or mattress as there is a risk of heating and fire. As for handling, avoid handling your laptop near an open butane gas cylinder or at the station, there is a risk of explosion. Also, never take a bath in your bathtub with your cell phone charging, there is a risk of electrocution.

In a period of heavy rain with a tornado, be careful when receiving a call as there is a risk of electrocution or the phone exploding in the ear from thunder and lightning.

Also, never put your phone in a man’s pocket or a woman’s shirt or bra pocket. The risk is enormous, among many others is impotence in men or cancer in women including men.

Besides that, never sleep with your phone next to or under your pillow, at the risk of severe headaches or brain cancer. Never sleep with headphones plugged into the phone in your ear, you risk deafness.

As the seventh element, never handle your phone in the dark. We are at risk of eye pain and severe headaches. For those who are used to spending more time on the phone, avoid spending more than 30 minutes on the phone because of the risk of earaches with the destruction of the eardrum and severe headaches. Finally in ten, do not use your phone while crossing the road, risk of fatal accidents.

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Through all of these tips, let’s use our smartphones carefully enough so that they are not a danger to our health or even our lives.