It is clear that giving isn’t about what you have but the impact you make with what you give. This is best explained in the story of John Tuho, who lived in the streets of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. As a waif, fate compelled him to survive only on the food and money he had begged for.

But the compassionate, kind and conciliatory part of him was revealed when he met a woman with lung problems on one of his daily routines. As habitual of him, he was begging on the streets, moving from one bus to the other until he saw something eccentric that knocked his socks off and left him teary-eyed.

Seated in the car, precisely the driver’s seat was Gladys Kwande, a woman in her mid 30’s with numerous attached to her body. These tubes were connected to cylinders and oxygen generators to help her breathe satisfactorily.

Oddly, John decided to questioned her on why she had to carry all that on her body. The woman explained to him that the cylinder, tubes and generator kept her alive because they aided in her respiration, thus she had to carry it around. The teary-eyed boy gave the little he had on him out of fellow feeling to the woman.

A passer-by decided to film and share John’ s epic and sympathetic act. John was adopted and Gladys was sent to India for treatment after the video fetched them amount of 80,000 dollars.


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