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Best Game Screen Recorder Android/iOS


For gamers, screen recording is part of their daily life. Screen recording helps us capture our memorable gameplays and epic moments while gaming.

That is why I am bringing out this piece, I found a very good app for screen recording which I will like to share with you, we will be looking at the distinctive features of this app and its compatibility.

Some of you might think of apps like AZ, Mobizen e.t.c. , Game Recorder is better than all those and has good compatibility with almost every device, ranging from low end to high end. This app also has really good optimization for all phones.

Game Recorder allows you to record at 360 to 2160 pixels (depending on device resolution), this means we are getting a crystal clear and ultra-sharp recording, it also allows you to record your gameplay with internal sound and 60 fps.

This app is lag-free and very smooth, doesn’t consume your whole RAM while screen recording. Game recording unlike some other apps allows you to use your Phone Camera (front/rear) meaning you can record your facial expressions and reactions to the game you are playing.

This free app is compatible with any Android smartphone ranging from Android 7.0 Nougat to Android 10. I have tested this app on various devices and I can confidently tell you that it works really fine, you can record anything you do on your phone, apart from games.

None of the features listed above is premium or paid, the whole of this app is totally free. Game Recorder is 10 to 15mb, which is very small in size.

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To record your gameplays without lag, I’ll recommend the below settings:-
1__720  pixels – 30/60fps – 4.5 Mbps
2__1080 pixels -60fps  – 6.8Mbps.

The above settings are ok for all mid-range and high-end smartphones, with that recordings, are expected to be smooth and sharp, but results may vary depending on the device resolution.

And talking about Another cool feature we have here, this app also allows you to, trim, cut, and edit your videos. This feature is rare in other Recorders, this means you can easily adjust the length or duration of your video without any third-party app.

Finally, you can also choose your storage path either SD card or Internal storage, screen recordings can be recorded in portrait or landscape based on the game you want to play.

Until next time keeps gaming, check our other content for more Gaming and Tech gadgets info.