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How is the BMW Digital Key going to replace the traditional key?


BMW is one of the leading brands that are inventing advanced automotive technologies every year. The mission of the smart and tech-driven BMW cars is to provide more luxury, safety, and security to the car owners.

Along with many other technologies, BMW is trying to lead a Digital vehicle access system. It means that the car owners will be able to unlock their cars by using their smartphones without any key.

For now, car manufacturers are officially going to abandon the traditional car keys and use smartphones instead to unlock the cars. This feature allows the car user to lock or unlock the car and control some other features.

Sometime before this idea seemed like a fiction movie, but for now, BMW along with the cooperation of Apple launched their first “BMW Digital Key”. This feature doesn’t only allow users to lock or unlock the car but also allows you to share your vehicle key with at least 5 of your friends.

BMW has also created an App that is available on both Apple play and Google play store to download and use. For now, BMW keyless cars are running on the road. And, all thanks to Apple and BMW who made this happen.

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Here is the list of things you need to know about BMW Digital Key:

  • What is the BMW Digital car key?
  • Is a digital key better than traditional car keys?
  • What cars are compatible with digital keys?
  • What devices are suitable for BMW Connected apps?
  • How to unlock your BMW with your iPhone?
  • How many people can you authorize with a digital key?
  • Final thoughts
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What is the BMW Digital car key?

The digital key of BMW is compatible to use with iPhone products. This amazing digital product allows you to securely lock, unlock, or start your car with a simple touch. This feature comes with maximum security and data protection features.

Also, you don’t have to worry if your phone runs out of battery, the app will still allow you to start your device for up to 5 hours. But, if you turn off your phone the Digital key will start working when you turn it on.

Is a digital key better than traditional car keys?

Of course, the answer is yes because you don’t have to carry your car keys everywhere with you. Also, you don’t have to get worried if you lose your car keys by accident. We have our mobile phone with us all the time. So, it will be easy to simply lock, unlock, and start the car using your phone.

This feature is not only fancy but also offers mind-blowing security for your automobiles. BMW introduces this feature after the car users reviews and how they want to secure their cars in the first place.

What cars are compatible with digital keys?

Following cars that are built from 2020 or later are compatible with Digital keys. Just keep in mind that all these models are not available in all markets.

Suitable cars for digital keys will be

  • 1 to 8 series
  • X5, X6, X7 series
  • M3, M4, M5, M8 series
  • X5 M, X6 M, and iX3 series
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Note: To check if your vehicle is compatible with a BMW connected app, use your iPhone to log into the app with BMW ID. Here, you can add your car type. Now if you can find the options like “Vehicle tab” or “Digital key”, then you can use your phone as a Digital key after setting it up.

What devices are suitable for BMW Connected apps?

The devices that are highly compatible with the BMW Digital key are iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or later, and Apple Watch Series 5 or later. It will require iOS 13.6 and WatchOS 6.2.8. Or later to lock or unlock a car.

How to unlock your BMW with your iPhone?

When you buy a BMW with comfort access, the digital key is included but the authorization requires you to stop at the BMW service partner. They need proof if you are a real owner and may ask for your ID card, passport copies. The Digital key is set and that is delivered later on.

If you want to access Digital keys directly by using an app, make sure that your car and device are compatible. This is the only way to set-up the digital key of your car. Add your BMW ID in the connected app. Add the existing account or create a new ID for BMW.

Access the digital key menu in the connected app to begin setup. You must sit in your car and make sure that you have a stable internet connection to do the setup. Press the pairing button and follow the provided information that is visible on the menu. Put your phone in the smartphone tray along with an NFC sensor. Now you are all done and your key will be saved in the Apple wallet app.

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How many people can you authorize with a digital key?

You can authorize your family and friends as well if they want to drive your car. The app allows you to authorize the 5 people to use your vehicle. Just send them an invitation code from your iPhone wallet and add them as a user authorized user.

Final thoughts

IT partners of car manufacturers are working every day to introduce new and amazing features. We are all witnessing how technology is dominating this industry for quite some years now. Yet, there is a lot to come like self-driving cars, etc. Just stay updated with the latest technology trends and car features to know more.

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