Home ENTERTAINMENT Trotro driver stops working to see Shatta Wale

Trotro driver stops working to see Shatta Wale


It was a surprising sight to behold at the premises of Multimedia when a trotro driver asked his conductor to pay back his passengers so he could see his idol, Shatta Wale, and to have a word with him.

The driver in question has a tattoo of the dancehall musician on his back and was willing to show it to Shatta as a prove of his undying loyalty.

The awe-stricken passengers looked on as fares were given back to them one-after-the-other by the conductor.

Some of the passengers found the decision by the driver strange but had no option than to collect their monies back.

With the passengers sorted, the driver then parked his car at the car park of Multimedia after which he was let in to meet his idol.

Moments after, the driver came out of the studio of Hitz FM, beaming with smiles, obviously satisfied for achieving a long-held desire of meeting Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale had come to the studio of Hitz FM for a scheduled interview, details of which interview we shall serialize on this page for your reading pleasure.

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