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Mzbel admits wearing hip pads


Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, a Ghanaian singer popularly known as Mzbel admits to wearing hip pads often to make her look curvier and more beautiful in an interview hosted by Mike 2 last weekend on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall.

According to her, aside from the fact that she wears it to look more attractive, most of the dresses in her wardrobe demand it.

I wear a hip pad but it’s not like I’ve done surgery. Some have big buttocks but some of us it’s better we wear hip pad sometimes. There are some dresses that demand hip pad. It’s part of the dressing. It was made for us to wear so what’s the problem with the breast it’s normal.

Ghanaians don’t understand the hip pad. I don’t like big ass but I like a curvy hip and I wasn’t born with it.

However, she admits she is planning to have plastic surgery after a vaccine for coronavirus comes outs. Eventually, I will do have plastic surgery, I nearly did it in Ghana. When I booked the appointment, a few days later then I realized someone had died so I was scared.

Very soon when the borders open, I will go for it, she told host Mike 2.