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Meet the woman who prefers driving a taxi to teaching


A Ghanaian woman, Edith Awuah, who has been driving a taxi at the Atomic Junction taxi rank for four years in Accra, says she prefers driving a taxi to teach.

According to the woman, who is also a professional teacher with over 20-years of experience, driving for money is flexible than teaching.

She explained that she has been a teacher all her life but driving makes her comfortable because I can choose to come to work or not but with teaching you have to go even if you’re not well. Also, I dislike writing the lesson notes, she said.

I was a teacher at Association School in Accra before I took a study leave… I left for China and learned the language while studying and teaching. I stayed there for five years.

She said China has an improved educational system, adding that, teachers are paid better compared to Ghana.

In China, I taught English to kids and even the classroom decor would make you want to learn as a pupil. But here in Ghana, everything is left raw and it seems like a do-or-die affair. The salary difference is huge. China’s salary is better than that of Ghana, ” she told DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa.

Presently, she would like to train jobless females to drive so they can make a living for themselves and their families, hence will need support to make her initiative feasible.

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