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Google Meet now integrated in Gmail on Android and iOS


Google announced it’s intentions to take on Zoom by making its video conferencing app, Meet, free. They went further to integrate this into the web version of Gmail to make it easily accessible.

On the 16th of June, however, the tech giant announced in a blog post that Google Meet is further integrated into Gmail on bother Android and iOS. According to Google, this will make it easier than ever to join a Google Meet video call.

When you open your Google calendar from your Gmail app, you are greeted with this news:

Now that the Meet tab is just a tap away, you can effortlessly join a meeting, check your video feed, see all participants, etc. Like Zoom, you can see 16 participants on the screen at a time.

One significant advantage of using Google Meet is that the participants don’t necessarily need to install the app. They can join the meeting on a desktop browser by following a share meeting link. Participants need to have a Gmail account, however.

Google Meet allows up to 100 participants for a free video call up to 60 minutes per call.

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