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Google kicks out 35 Android apps from Play Store. Delete them from your phone now!


Image: AOSP

White Ops, a security company, detected malicious apps on the Play Store and reported them to Google. They suggested that these apps be cleared from the Play Store immediately.

These apps were mostly beauty and camera apps. Once installed, they flooded the victims screen with tons of ads and often redirects to many websites. Some of them even prevent users from uninstalling them. They did so by hiding the app icon from the home screen.

Why You Should Take Action Now

Users run the risk of falling victim to such serious threats as identify theft, password and codes theft or a hacker taking full control of one’s device and having access to all accounts you are logged into (e.g. Facebook, email accounts). To prevent the loss of valuable stuff on your phone (i.e photos, documents, etc) or access to sensitive information, these apps must leave your phone now!

The List

Here is the full list of the apps that have been taken off the Play Store (in alphabetical order)

  1. Art Beauty Camera-2019
  2. Beauty & Filters Camera
  3. Beauty Camera & Photo Editor Pro
  4. Beauty Camera Selfie Filter
  5. Beauty Collage Lite
  6. Benbu Selife Beauty Camera
  7. Best Selfie Beauty Camera
  8. Catoon Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  9. Ele Beauty Camera
  10. Elegant Beauty Cam-2019
  11. First Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  12. Flower Beauty Camera
  13. Fog Selife Beauty Camera
  14. Funny Sweet Beauty Camera
  15. Gaty Beauty Camera
  16. Grass Beauty Camera
  17. Landy Selfie Beauty Camera
  18. Lite Beauty Camera
  19. Little Bee Beauty Camera
  20. Mood Photo Editor & Selife Beauty Camera
  21. Nut Selfie Camera
  22. Orange Camera
  23. Pand Selife Beauty Camera
  24. Photo Collage & Beauty Camera
  25. Pinut Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  26. Pro Selfie Beauty Camera
  27. Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera
  28. Selfie Beauty Camera & Funny Filters
  29. Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  30. Selfie Beauty Camera Pro
  31. Solu Camera
  32. Sun Pro Beauty Camera
  33. Sunny Beauty Camera
  34. Vanu Selife Beauty Camera
  35. Yoroko Camera
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If your phone is constantly bombarded with adverts that take over your screen, this might be as a result of a malicious app you have installed without realizing. In such a case, try to remember when the problem started, then check from the Play Store the apps u installed just before it started. These apps are likely to be the cause of the annoying problem.